Q: Is delivery and pick up included? 

A: For some areas there is no charge. For areas that are father out there may be an additional fee assessed.  We'll tell you of the fee if any in your quote.

We serve the following areas: Sacramento, Elk Grove, Folsom, West Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, Granite Bay, Natomas, Rancho Cordova, Citrus Heights, FairOaks, Wilton, Woodland, Placerville, El Dorado Hills,    

Q: Is there a deposit to reserve a party package or any rental item?  

A: There's a minimum $50 credit card deposit to reserve your party rental items. Deposit may be more based on total cost of your party package. Deposit is returned in full if party is cancelled via email at EasyBounceHouseRentals@gmail.com 14 days prior to reserved party date. If party is cancelled within 2-13 days before you party date.Your deposit and any paid portion of our party will be held and can be used towards a future party date within one year.

Q: How long do we get to keep the party rental equipment? 

A: Rentals are 4 to 6 hours. Overnight rental is available for small additional charge. Only with advance notice and must have secured location.

Q: Does the 4 to 6 hour rental time include set up? 

A: No. We normally will deliver and set up your inflatable early, so you will still get your full rental time.

Q: What about renting in parks do you do guys do that?

A: Yes parks are a huge win-win with all the space and greenery. You are required to fulfill any pre-park planning with the park you are planning on having your party at before reserving. We will provide proof of insurance upon request. We are insured and can fulfill any park reservations

Q: Do you deliver and set up on any surface?

A: Itz Time 2 Bounce will not set up on rocky, uneven, jagged, wet surfaces for safety and potential damage to unit. Flat grassy surface is our favorite and is best for children, dirt, smooth concrete & asphalt.  AREA MUST BE DRY & CLEAR OF ANY AND ALL DEBRIS. All animal droppings MUST be picked up as well as clear path to the area of delivery. We reserve the right to refuse delivery if conditions are not safe or location is not deliver ready.  

Q: Who is responsible for the inflatable unit or any rental items that are damaged while being rented?

A: Upon delivery we will do a walk around on the inflatable and go over the rules of the rented unit. You are also required to first read and sign our rental & rules agreement forms. Now of course normal wear and tear is going to happen, but if safety rules are not followed or negligence while in care of equipment then customer is responsible for up to full replacement of rented inflatable or any rented party items.

Q: Are your rental services for more then just birthday parties?

A: Itz Time 2 Bounce provides party rental equipment to all types of events including but not limited to: corporate events, annual celebrations, holiday events, fundraisers, local sponsorship, festivals, parades, school events, church events, Sports events, Backyard BBQ's, UFC Fight nights, NFL Sundays & much more.  We accommodate inside celebrations as well for inflatables set up indoors.

Q:  What if I cancel my reservation?


  • If we deliver and provide you with the services agreed and you decide to cancel there is no refund. 
  • If weather conditions prohibits us from delivering your reservation the deposit or balance paid is held for a future reservation that can used within the next year. 
  • Deposit and any paid portion is returned only when reservation is cancelled  15 days prior to Delivery date
  • If reservation is cancelled within 2 to 14 days of party date, you will receive a rain check good for one year.
  • We do not give refunds for rain, non-use, bad weather conditions

Q: How do I prepare for delivery?


  • Delivery is subject to availability and estimated times are not guaranteed please prepare a 1 to 4 hr window.
  • Turn sprinklers off a minimum of 48 hours before party. 
  • Removal of all debris  including any sharp objects, toys, lawn furniture, sticks, large rocks, hoses, sprinklers, lawn decorations and pet feces. 
  • A clear pathway for set up must be provided for delivery. Some units are big and need up to 4ft wide access to location of delivery and set up. * Please measure before reserving *
  • Area should be sufficient enough to fit the reserved unit(s), including overhead space. Our bounce houses are at least 17 feet tall.  4ft to 5ft of space  is needed around the bounce house. Additionally 7ft to 10ft space in front of the bounce house is required for riders entry and safety.
  • A dedicated 110 VAC outlet will be needed per each blower, or provisions should be made for a power generator to run the bounce house blower.